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Apply for disposal of business hazardous waste

Special handling is required when collecting, storing, transporting, recovering, and disposing of hazardous waste. Taking these precautions reduces the effect of hazardous waste on health and the environment.

Region of Peel Community Recycling Centres provide safe disposal for business hazardous waste. This service is only for businesses in Peel that are required to dispose of hazardous waste.

Owners of these types of businesses must apply for this service and follow a registration and reporting process.

If your application is accepted:

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To be eligible for this service, a business must:

What you need

To apply for this service, you need to provide business information including:


There are no charges to drop off business hazardous waste.

How to apply

To apply for this service, you must complete and submit the Business Hazardous Waste Disposal Application.

Completed applications must be approved prior to a business dropping off hazardous waste. There are no exceptions to this requirement.


Who to contact

If you have a question or need more details about this service, call 905-791-9499 or email Business Hazardous Waste.