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Report an item lost on a TransHelp trip

A lost item is a personal item (such as sunglasses, jewelry, a wallet, or ID) that is left behind on a TransHelp vehicle.

All lost items will be taken to the TransHelp office. Perishable food items will be discarded.

TransHelp will contact you if your item is recovered.

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Any TransHelp passenger, support person, or companion can report an item left behind in a TransHelp vehicle or a taxi provided by a participating taxi vendor.

What you need

When reporting, you’ll need to provide a precise description of the item and when and where it was lost.

To collect a lost item, you’ll need to provide these details as well as proper identification.


There is no fee to report and collect a lost item.

How to report a lost item

Choose from these options to report a lost item:

Who to contact

For more information about reporting a lost item, call 905-791-1015.