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Apply for discounted bus passes

The Affordable Transit Program provides you with 12 discounted monthly passes for use on Brampton Transit or the Mississauga MiWay monthly pass. The discount only applies to the city that you live in.

As part of this program, you may also be eligible for a GO Transit discount. Review details about GO Transit.

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Who’s eligible:

You must also:

Household size Net household income
1 person $26,570
2 persons $37,576
3 persons $46,021
4 persons $53,140
5 persons $59,412
6 persons $65,083
7 persons $70,298

International students and foreign workers are not eligible.

Check your eligibility

What you need

PRESTO card is required to apply.

You must also provide one or more of the following:

Are you new to Canada?

If you're new to Canada and have not filed taxes before, you can still apply. You’ll need to submit one of the listed documents with your application. Review the information for newcomers.

Ukrainian Newcomers: Individuals under the CUEAT (Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel) and their authorized family members may apply for a discounted monthly pass in Mississauga or Brampton. Currently, only travel documents are required to apply.


If your application is approved, you will receive a 50% discount on the original price of a monthly pass.



How to apply

When applying online you will first need to create an account. You will also need to upload or mail a copy of your documents.

Apply online

If you’re 65 years or older, or have a disability that prevents you from applying online, you can call and request a phone application. Due to limited resources phone applications are reserved only for these individuals. Call 905-793-9200, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

After you apply, it may take up to 20 business days to receive a response. We may need to contact you for more information.

If you’re approved, the discount will be programmed onto your card by transit staff at specific locations. This will allow you access to 12 discounted monthly passes.


We’re updating the re-application method. Currently you must contact us to close your old application and then re-apply.

When your bus pass is close to expiring contact us. We will close the old application and email you when the account is ready to receive a new application with instructions. You will then be able to re-apply.

Who to contact

For questions that are not answered by the above information you can email the Affordable Transit Program or call 905-793-9200.

For help with GO Transit fare reimbursement after 14 days, contact 1-888-GET-ON-GO.

More information

If you already have a discounted monthly pass and travel on GO Transit, you’ll be reimbursed for 50% of your GO Transit adult fare when you travel on GO trains or buses using a PRESTO card.

  • You do not need to travel on Brampton Transit or MiWay before or after using GO Transit to be reimbursed for your GO fare.
  • The reimbursement will apply to any trip on a GO train or bus.

To receive your fare reimbursement, you must tap on a PRESTO device within 30 days of travelling on GO Transit. After you tap on a PRESTO device, you’ll see your reimbursed fares on your PRESTO account within 7 days.

You must submit documents for every adult household member who is requesting the discount.

If you’re a newcomer and haven’t filed taxes before, you’ll need to submit the following with your application:

  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document.
  • Protected Person Status Document.
  • Refugee Protection Claimant Document.

You must also submit a document showing your income, such as one of the following with your application:

  • Resettlement plan document.
  • A statement showing you receive support from Ontario Works, Ontario Disabilities Support Program, the Canadian government, or a private sponsor.
  • A pay stub, or a letter from your employer detailing your wage.
  • The first page of a monthly banking statement which displays your name and address.

At least one of these documents must show your address in Brampton or Mississauga. You’ll need to submit this information for anyone listed on the application that’s 18 years or older.

Please note: newcomers from Ukraine are not required to submit income documents.

How to pick up your discounted pass

Once you've been approved, you will need to bring your registered PRESTO card to one of the listed locations to have the discount applied.

Brampton residents can bring your registered PRESTO card to any of the listed Brampton Transit locations:

Bramalea Terminal
160 Central Park Drive, Brampton

Downtown Terminal
8 Nelson Street, Brampton

Brampton Gateway Terminal at Shoppers World
501 Main Street South, Brampton

Mississauga residents can bring your registered PRESTO card to:

City Centre Transit Terminal
200 Rathburn Road, Mississauga

Using your discounted bus pass

  • The discounted bus pass only applies to the bus service in the city in which you live.
  • Your discounted bus pass can be used for unlimited travel in the city in which you live.
  • If you travel outside of the city you live in, you can use your discounted bus pass to transfer onto connecting transit systems within a two-hour transfer window.
  • The 2-hour transfer is valid on transit systems across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area, except for GO Transit and the TTC. You will have to pay the full fare on GO Transit and the TTC.
  • When returning to your city using another transit system, you will be required to pay the full fare.

Learn more about traveling with PRESTO.

Additional program details

There are no renewals, after 12 months. If you still need the discount, you must re-apply and submit new documents.

We allow residents 18 years or under who are living alone to apply and handle these cases on an individual basis.