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Noise reduction walls

Noise walls along Regional roads are built to lower sound levels in backyards. A noise wall must be continuous and solid with no gaps or gates.

A fence is usually built for privacy, not noise reduction. Fences can be made from wood or with staggered boards or chain link.

Types of noise walls

There are 2 types of noise walls along Regional roads:

Noise walls built on private property

Noise walls built after the Region widens a Regional road.

Walls built on private property

When a subdivision is planned along a Regional road, the builder may install a noise wall to lessen the noise for back or side facing lots. The wall is placed on private property and belongs to the homeowner.

Walls built after the Region widens a Regional Road

If we widen a Regional road, we might build a new noise wall for back or side-facing lots. We place Regional noise walls within the road right-of-way and maintain them.


Call 905-791-7800 and we'll tell you if the noise wall belongs to you or the Region.

If your property is not located on a Regional road and you have an issue with your noise wall or fence, please contact the municipality in which you live: the City of BramptonCity of Mississauga, or Town of Caledon.

Damaged noise walls

If the damaged wall belongs to the Region, we'll fix it.

If you own the noise wall, you are responsible for arranging and paying for it to be repaired.

Financial help for replacing noise walls

Any residential property owner in the Region of Peel may apply for financial help through our Local Improvement Process program.

To qualify, at least 3 property owners must be committed to replacing their noise wall along a Regional road, and the 3 properties must immediately benefit from the wall being replaced.