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Watermain Replacement and Improvement

Kenpark Avenue, Grand Oaks Court, Mintwood Court
Project 21-1340B

December 13, 2021 update

November 12, 2021 update

August 20, 2021 update

Advance Notice of Watermain Construction and Roadworks

The Region of Peel anticipates replacing the watermains in your area starting in Summer 2021. This project is also being coordinated with City of Brampton for the roadworks. Because of this, you may wish to delay any major landscaping or driveway works you may have planned until after we have finished the work.

In the meantime, you may notice the following activities in your neighbourhood:

  1. We will mark the location of gas, hydro, cable, etc. on roads, driveways and lawns.
  2. We may drill boreholes to determine ground conditions.
  3. We may survey your street.
  4. We will take pictures to help us make sure we restore the area to its former condition.

Co-ordination with other works

This work is to be coordinated with the City of Brampton. After the watermain installation is completed, the road will be resurfaced which includes the replacement of all the road curbs, any broken or deteriorated sidewalks and the repaving of the entire road surface.

Keeping you informed

We are currently in the early planning stages, so we cant give you exact dates when we will do the work. But this project is anticipated to commence in Summer 2021 and all works are aimed to be completed by the end of 2022.

We will deliver more detailed information to your home closer to the proposed construction date.

If you would like to speak with us about this work, please contact:

Water Linear Engineering and Reliability, Engineering Services Division
Public Works, Region of Peel
Phone: 905-791-7800 ext. 4409