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Watermain 750 mm CPP Joint Investigation

Salvation Road. Project 14-1377

Peel Region will be working in your area to investigate the joints and a watermain along Salvation Road, as shown on the attached map. Watermains are underground pipes that bring tap water from our water treatment plants to your neighbourhood. As pipes age and our population grows, we need to replace older watermains to keep providing you with high quality water.

Construction schedule

This construction work will be starting on October 2, 2023. Once the underground work is completed, we will begin repairing any boulevards, sod (grass), roads, curbs, and sidewalks impacted by our construction work. We expect construction on Salvation Road, including the associated road repair work, to be completed by the Fall of 2023. These timelines are estimates, as weather and other unexpected events may impact our timelines. All work is under warranty for two years from the completion date.

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What to expect during construction

Learn what to expect during watermain construction by visiting and watching our short video. The video goes behind the scenes to show what happens before, during and after construction. This website also answers common questions about:

Contractor and working hours

The work will be completed by Machina Construction under contract to the Region of Peel. This contractor’s normal working hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. These hours are consistent with the local municipality’s bylaws. We understand this may cause some inconvenience, but shorter working days would require your neighbourhood to be under construction for a longer period.

Traffic and parking

We may need to temporarily close roads or reduce traffic to a single lane during construction. If we must reroute traffic, we will place signs giving directions. On-street parking will be reduced during construction when we are actively working on your street.

Tree protection and trimming

Trees located in the municipal right-of-way will be protected during construction using temporary fencing. If tree branches within the municipal right-of-way interfere with construction, the trees will be pruned beforehand. If tree branches on private property interfere with construction, they will be pruned back to the nearest suitable trunk or branch. The contractor will contact you before any pruning of private trees occurs. If you do not allow personnel onto your property to trim the tree, the branches will be cut vertically at the property line.

Repairing areas impacted by construction

We will start repairing the road, curb, sidewalk, driveways, and lawns once the new watermain is buried and new water service pipes have been connected to all properties on your street. Repairs may be delayed due to contractor’s availability or certain seasonal weather conditions.

For example:

Waste collection

If you receive waste collection from the Region of Peel, your garbage, recycling, and organics will continue to be picked up on your regularly scheduled day. It is the contractor’s responsibility to move your garbage, recycling, and organics bins from the end of your driveway to a location where waste collection vehicles can pick them up. Empty containers will be returned to their corresponding addresses. Please make sure your house number is clearly marked on each bin. This helps us return empty bins to the correct address.


You could feel slight vibrations from the construction work.

Safety during construction

Construction zones require extra caution to keep everyone safe – pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and construction workers. When driving, walking, or biking through the construction area, please be aware of your surroundings, watch for construction crews and other road users, slow down, account for delays, and consider other routes if possible. To learn more about how to stay safe in construction zones, visit

We value your feedback

After we have finished, we will invite you to provide feedback on the construction project. You can sign up to receive this survey electronically at

Thank you for your patience as we complete this necessary work. This work will allow us to continue providing you with high quality tap water. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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