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Claims for Lien

Recent amendments to the Construction Act allow a municipality to choose electronic submissions of Claims for Lien as a mandatory method by which Claims for Lien must be given to a municipality.

Claims for Lien which attach to premises owned by The Regional Municipality of Peel shall be given by email to the Regional Clerk at

Hard copy paper submissions will no longer be a valid method to give Claims for Lien to The Regional Municipality of Peel where the premises are owned by the municipality.

Claims for Lien received by email after 5 p.m. local time are deemed to have been given on the following business day.

Lien claimants are encouraged to seek independent legal advice prior to preserving a Claim for Lien.


On October 1, 2019, subsection 34(3.1) of the Construction Act came into force and states that where the owner of the premises is a municipality, a claim for lien shall be given to the clerk of the municipality.

Ontario Regulation 304/18, as amended by Ontario Regulation 112/19, made under the Construction Act, allows a municipality to choose a mandatory method by which a claim for lien shall be given.

Section 16 of the Construction Act provides that a lien does not attach to a premises owned by a municipality, but rather, constitutes a charge upon the holdback to be retained.