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Winter road maintenance crew

Our stormfighters are ready to respond long before the first sight of snow, ice or rain.

Whether commuting to work or getting the kids to school, we rely on our stormfighters to clear roads of snow and ice and help get us to our destinations safely.

They work with staff to monitor incoming weather, plan routes, prepare their trucks and materials so that they can head out to treat roads, help reduce the weather impact and ensure safe driving conditions.

Watch their story

Our stormfighters are a passionate group who take pride in their jobs. You can see the dedication in their eyes – they are loyal to what they do, ensuring the public's safety at all times. When Mother Nature hits with fresh snow or an ice storm, they work around the clock to get routes cleared and they never give up.

Their trucks are big and need room to move and do their job. It’s important that we give them space to operate and remember to never pass a working truck.

Winter road safety is a priority for our stormfighters and the community relies on their expertise and dedication. After a long, exhausting shift, a stormfighter knows a job well done when they hear a resident shout out - "Thanks for all the great work! You make our commute an easy one."