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COVID-19 in Peel

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Regional Emergency Management

Regional staff stepped in to help when disaster struck.

“Knowing Regional services work together to support residents allows me to concentrate on the scene and the overall emergency response and site command,” said Caledon Fire Chief Darryl Bailey.

In the early morning of Sun., Feb. 3, 2019 an explosion occurred at a house on Maple Grove Rd. in Caledon Village. Emergency response from Peel Regional Paramedics Services, Caledon OPP, and Caledon Fire and Emergency Services began immediately and was quickly supported by Regional Emergency Management, Human Services, and Communications team members to begin supporting displaced residents.

Approximately 30-35 residents were evacuated as a precaution. Many of these residents required support to find shelter, and the Human Services Emergency Response Team was there to support residents with great care and compassion. This support was provided in the initial hours of the event, and into the following days as the homes were not safe to re-enter.

“The Peel response was incredible,” said Bailey. “The team is caring and compassionate and do everything they can to support residents. People are confused, scared and wondering what their next steps are. Regional staff are essential to community recovery, and they are a part of our team.”.

The team is caring and compassionate and do everything they can to support residents.