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Peel Paramedics reunite with toddler whose life they saved

A 911 call changes the lives of 3-year-old Arman and his family

Paramedics were called to a condo in Mississauga on May 22, 2019 to save the life of a 3-year-old boy who had fallen into a Jacuzzi.

Here's their story

As in most cases, once they left the patient at the hospital, the paramedics had no idea what happened to Arman. It was a joyful moment when the patient’s family reached out a few weeks later with some wonderful news - that little Arman had survived, and that they wanted to thank everyone who had a hand in saving his life.

"God, obviously, was there and it was a miracle that saved him," said Arman’s dad. "But I want Arman to know these people were looking for him; they were on his side on his worst day and when he needed their help the most, they were there. I want him to appreciate this later in his life and to give back in the same way paramedics and police did for him. These are his real heroes."

2 months after the call paramedics reunited with Arman at Peel Police headquarters, and later enjoyed a quieter moment with him at the Streetsville paramedic station.

"When we found out Arman was okay, I actually cried,"" said Jessie, Peel Paramedic. "He felt so small in my arms when I carried him to the stretcher. It’s wonderful to see him running and talking. Even when we get good outcomes like this, we don’t always hear about them so it’s wonderful to celebrate his life and see it move forward and know we made a difference."

You have won our hearts for as long as we live.