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The power of open data

Peel Region's Data Centre opens a whole new world of opportunity and solutions

Open data is information that anyone can access, use, and share. It matters to residents because it provides evidence that tax money is being well spent and lets residents help shape the decisions affecting their lives.

The Peel Data Centre plays a key role in creating a more equal and transparent relationship between Peel Region and its residents.

As Kevin Farrugia, Data Centre Advisor explains, open data is impactful because "it opens up all this information to help us understand a community and how it's changing." Residents "see exactly what we've seen, and exactly what we've used" to make the decisions that affect their lives.

Andrea Dort, Specialist in Data Analysis and Outreach, takes data from different sources and breaks it down to make it easier to understand.

Andrea recently provided open data that was key in securing a grant for a local wellness hub.

"A local community wellness hub reached out to us directly to help them create a grant application," Andrea shares. We worked with them to pull the right data and create the maps. In the end it was successful. They were able to get the funding, and then they were able to provide these services to seniors in the community."

Thanks to the open data that Andrea, Kevin, and their Peel Data Centre colleagues provide, Peel's communities will benefit from greater innovation and improved programs and services in the years to come.