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Peace of mind – one repair at a time

Peel Living's mobile recovery team is a new approach to completing tenant requests.

During the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions prevented Peel Living staff from entering tenant units to complete non-urgent maintenance and repairs. To work through the back-log of requests a new Mobile Recovery Team was formed.

Edna Wareham creates the work orders and coordinates the work with the team. Superintendents Von Lacson and Eugene Tolentina complete the work orders in Peel Living units.

An average of 15 work orders are completed each day. Edna, Von, and Eugene have addressed more than 1,200 work orders. This new team has helped Peel Living support tenant satisfaction and to meet health and safety requirements.

"Giving to the community or the seniors makes a lot of difference." Superintendent Eugene was quick to volunteer for a team created to help give Peel Living residents' peace of mind, one repair at a time.

It's people like Edna, Eugene and Von who make Peel a community for life, serving their community and making a difference in resident lives every day, any way they can.