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“Our lives changed forever when my mom took the vision test for drivers over 80, was diagnosed with glaucoma, and had her license taken away. This loss of independence was swift and profound for her and the rest of our family. Supporting my mom through the emotional aspects of this change was difficult and driving her everywhere she needed to go was exhausting. Despite our best efforts, she felt isolated from her community and angry at the loss of control. Thankfully, TransHelp was there for us in our time of need. This service didn't just provide my mom with transportation, it gave her back her independence while giving me peace of mind. Before TransHelp, my sisters and I would take turns leaving work in the middle of the day to take her to appointments and spend our weekends driving her to see friends and family. The service has been a life-changer for us in a good way and we are so grateful it continues to help my mom to thrive and live her best life.”