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Creating a safe and comfortable space

The Healthy Sexuality clinic team works in harmony to ensure residents get what they need.

When residents need sexual health services and resources but don’t know exactly who to turn, clinic team members Saranpreet, Karina, and Linda are there to offer help.

“Sometimes coming here is the first step,” says Linda.

Saranpreet knows that when clients come to the clinic, they can see how well the team works together.

“Knowing that I can help someone find a service that they’re looking for and ensure they feel comfortable at the end of the conversation is what’s important to me,” says Karina.

The staff at our Healthy Sexuality clinics provide counselling, current information on birth control, sexually transmitted infections, and programs and services for many aspects of sexual health.

Anyone can make an appointment. No health card is required to receive services at the clinics. Learn more about the Healthy Sexuality clinics.