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Water supply

Providing clean water for life

Each day we clean and deliver over 599 million litres of water through 4,569 kilometres of underground pipes.

At the same time, 665 million litres of wastewater travels through 3,658 kilometres of sewer pipes to arrive at a Regional treatment plant. Here it's cleaned and treated before being put back into Lake Ontario.

From morning to night, our water and wastewater services are essential to your routine. We deliver the clean water for your morning shower and coffee, and for drinking, cooking and cleaning throughout the day. We also treat the water that goes down the drain.

We keep water flowing daily through advanced technology and by having the right people doing the right jobs. We rely on plant managers, engineers, technicians, inspectors, educators, construction and environmental specialists to deliver this service. Careful planning also ensures we keep up with growth in Peel.

This staff expertise, smart financing, and long-range planning ensures our most precious resource will be safe and dependable today and for Peel's future generations.