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Support after a cardiac emergency

How to make sense of what just happened.

Every 10 days, someone in Peel region uses a registered Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to help a cardiac arrest victim. Around 70% of the time, the victim survives.

Chances are, you’ve been touched by cardiac arrest in some way.

Other information

If an AED was used, Peel Regional Paramedic Services will:

  • Provide a loaner AED until the used-device is rescue-ready again.
  • Help the AED owner get it rescue-ready.
  • Collect the data from the AED.

If you used an AED or own an AED that was used, email us or call 905-791-7800 ext. 3951.

CPR can be daunting, whether you’re giving it, seeing it, or receiving it.

We’ve partnered with Heartsight so you can get free supports.

If you:

  • Are a witness: you saw or helped someone in cardiac arrest.
  • Are a survivor
  • Are a co-survivor: your loved one survived cardiac arrest.
  • Are bereaved: you’ve lost someone to cardiac arrest.

On the Heartsight website, you’ll find:

  • Explanations of what happened.
  • Stories of what others went through.
  • Tips on how to tell kids about cardiac arrest.
  • Advice on what to do next.
  • Help navigating the health care system.
  • Additional supports.