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News release: March 15, 2024

Peel Region receiving $1.6 million in provincial funding to improve access to healthcare for residents experiencing homelessness

BRAMPTON, ON (March 15, 2024) – Today, the Ministry of Health is announcing $1.6 million in funding for health care in Peel Region through Homeless Health Peel in collaboration with WellFort Community Health Services to improve access to health supports for residents experiencing homelessness.

Recognizing that people living precariously are also likely to face complex health challenges, Peel Region has launched an innovative health care model to address housing and health needs. Under this model, Peel has established the Dundas shelter as a medical shelter where clients experiencing homelessness can receive high-quality, trauma-informed, patient-centered primary care. Since the shelter's opening in June 2022 until Dec 2023, 428 patients have received services for complex health needs and/or COVID-19.

This model has not only proven successful in improving clients' health outcomes and removing barriers to access, but it has also saved costs for the health care system. Today's funding announcement will further support the Dundas shelter's health operations and other regionally-funded services that allows Peel Region to enhance and expand access to health services for the homeless population in the community.

Peel Region is experiencing an unprecedented affordable housing crisis, with more and more residents from all walks of life struggling to live affordably or experiencing homelessness. We estimate that 91,000 Peel households are in Core Housing Need. As a Service Manager, Peel Region delivers homelessness prevention supports and other housing supports to help residents get and keep housing while preventing homelessness.

Peel Region thanks the Government of Ontario for recognizing and supporting its health model for vulnerable residents and the nurses who are so committed to positive health outcomes for this population.

In the face of a daunting affordable housing crisis, Peel Region has shown tremendous leadership and innovation with its model to improve access to healthcare for residents experiencing homelessness. This holistic approach has shown tremendous promise to housing and health outcomes for some of the most vulnerable residents. This model would not be possible without the generous support of the provincial government. I’m encouraged by today's $1.6 million funding announcement that will not only help residents get and keep housing but will also help residents live engaged and healthy lives.

Nando Iannicca, Region of Peel Chair

As Peel Region continues to build its Community for Life amidst an affordable housing crisis, the link between housing and health is clear. Residents unable to secure sustainable housing are more likely to face health challenges and require integrated models of care to improve individual health. We're pleased to see the government of Ontario recognize this innovative and important work in Peel and contribute to its sustainability with a $1.6 million investment. We look forward to further expanding this model of care with our partners to address this growing community need.

Sean Baird, Commissioner of Human Services & Nancy Polsinelli, Commissioner of Health Services

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On December 13, 2023, the Ontario government announced that Peel Region will not be dissolved, and that Bill 112 legislation will be updated to reflect service delivery in Peel. Services for residents and businesses will continue without interruption. For updates and more information, visit Peel's transition page.