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News release: October 30, 2023

Peel infrastructure: supporting growth

Innovative techniques to help communities build homes faster

BRAMPTON, ON (October 30, 2023) - Peel Region Council received an update last Thursday on efforts to support the province's ambitious housing targets - with enabling infrastructure. Bill 23 significantly accelerates the demands for water, wastewater, and roads infrastructure, at rates almost five times that of historical growth. Staff are making advancements on their commitment to support Bill 23 to ensure Peel is ready to provide enabling infrastructure to build more homes faster.

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The update also highlighted the significant challenges to supporting such an acceleration of capital work, including impacts to the 2024 recommended budget, (to be brought to council in November) the overall $20.4 billion dollar cost to fund the infrastructure to achieve the provincial housing target, and the potential impacts to the existing community.

This is in addition to other factors that include material and supply change challenges due to increased demand, the potential loss of development revenue, as well as construction contractor scarcity and the increased cost of construction.

Peel Region Council is thus requesting an audience with both provincial and federal ministries to share the impacts of the infrastructure plan and to ensure awareness and understanding of budget and community impacts in Peel.

For more details, the Council Report, presentation and video recording (1:08) are available.

Peel is clearly demonstrating the positive steps we are taking to support our provincial and local municipal partners meet their housing targets. These are challenging times and working together is the best way to build a future where everyone has a safe place to live.

Nando Iannicca, Chair, Peel Region

Significant strides are being made to support local municipalities in Peel with their housing targets, while ensuring our community continues to grow in an effective manner and ensuring value for tax dollars. Peel staff are innovating to find new ways of supporting and accelerating necessary, practical services required for this significant and recent change in growth projections. I am proud of our team for developing an unprecedented response to these recent changes.

Gary Kent, CAO

Peel's planning and engineering teams are actively responding to Bill 23 and developing alternate methods of doing business. With a typical construction timeline of up to 10 years, we’re implementing innovative practices in program management and accelerating both the planning and designing of projects to get shovels in the ground faster.

Kealy Dedman, Commissioner, Public Work

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