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News release: September 21, 2023

Brampton Food Hub: A trailblazing initiative to combat food insecurity rakes root in Brampton

BRAMPTON, ON (September 21, 2023) – In response to the pressing issue of food insecurity and inspired by the shared vision of the Peel Community Collaborative (PCC), six non-profit agencies are proud to announce the collaborative establishment of the Brampton Food Hub. This ground-breaking initiative brings together All Peoples Church, Basket Brigade Canada, Bethel Outreach Community Services, Free for All Foundation, Punjabi Community Health Services and Knights Table as the lead, united by a shared mission to build a sustainable food network in Brampton and ensure equitable access to nutritious, culturally appropriate food for all residents.

The Brampton Food Hub is a significant stride in combating regional food insecurity. With a centralized food warehouse model, it enhances the capacity to procure and distribute healthy food to vulnerable communities across Brampton.

Through the Region of Peel's Community Investment Program, funding was allocated to address the increasing use and demands of food banks in Peel region. The Brampton Food Hub was a collaborative model funded to expand emergency food access capacity, along with 16 other food security agencies across Peel. Regional funding improved the infrastructure of emergency food agencies with new equipment including increased warehouse and food donation storage space, delivery trucks to procure donations, walk-in freezers and refrigeration spaces for fresh food storage and aided 9 agencies across Peel with capital upgrades. The fund also supported direct food purchases to assist food agencies with the decrease in food donations due to the current economic conditions.

Alarming statistics

The urgency of addressing food insecurity in Peel Region is underscored by recent statistics from Statistics Canada. It was reported that 111,925 residents, constituting 8 per cent of the population, live in poverty in Peel, including 28,680 children between the ages of 0-17, accounting for 10 per cent of this vulnerable group. Furthermore, the 11.4 per cent increase in food prices year over year, as reported by Statistics Canada, has made food increasingly unaffordable for many Peel residents.

Awareness matters

The launch of the Brampton Food Hub increases the awareness and understanding of the needs of vulnerable communities in Brampton. It will foster shared responsibility and collaborative responses across various sectors and levels of government to address local food security needs effectively. It will also promote awareness of the social and health impacts of food insecurity and the importance of access to culturally appropriate food.

Distinguished guest speakers

The Brampton Food Hub launch event featured notable guest speakers who share a commitment to combatting food insecurity, including:

The Brampton Food Hub is committed to working with the community and partners to create a positive impact on food security in Peel region. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision in addressing critical issues affecting our communities.

For more information about the Brampton Food Hub and to get involved, please email

Our vision is rooted in fostering healthy, diverse communities where no one goes hungry, and everyone has access to nutritious, culturally appropriate food. We believe that equitable, strong, and healthy food systems are built on collaboration. By working together, we can effect change at the community level and ensure everyone in Peel has equal access to the food they need.

Sean Baird, Commissioner of Human Services, Peel Region.

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Alessandra DiCosola
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