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News release: July 19, 2023

Peel's Neighbourhood Information Tool Empowers Communities for Long-Term Well-being

Brampton, ON - (July 19, 2023) - Peel's Neighbourhood Information Tool (NIT) is improving the way we understand and support our communities. Developed by Peel Region, this innovative tool provides a comprehensive snapshot of neighbourhood well-being and enables governments, service providers, community groups, and residents to plan and act together towards thriving communities.

NIT combines both quantitative and qualitative data to create an in-depth analysis of neighbourhood well-being across Peel Region. By mapping assets and evaluating key indicators across six categories including socio-demographics, economic opportunity, resident engagement and belonging, health, safety, and physical environment, the NIT offers valuable insights into the well-being of specific neighbourhoods.

With the NIT, decision-makers and community leaders can easily access index scores that represent the measure of "well-being" for each neighbourhood. These scores serve as a high-level indication of areas within the Region that may require more targeted supports and interventions. By understanding the unique challenges and strengths of different communities, we can work together to create an inclusive and thriving environments for all residents.

NIT gathers information from reputable sources, including the Census, the cities of Brampton and Mississauga, the Town of Caledon, and other local data sources.

To access the Tool and learn more, please visit Neighbourhood Information Tool, 2021 | Data Portal - Peel Region

The Neighbourhood Information Tool is an incredible asset for partners throughout Peel Region. Having access to comprehensive and reliable data allows us to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively to support our communities. This Tool empowers us to plan strategically and work collaboratively with stakeholders, ensuring long-term well-being and prosperity for all residents of Peel.

Sean Baird, Commissioner of Human Services at Peel Region.

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On December 13, 2023, the Ontario government announced that Peel Region will not be dissolved, and that Bill 112 legislation will be updated to reflect service delivery in Peel. Services for residents and businesses will continue without interruption. For updates and more information, visit Peel's transition page.