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News release: May 9, 2023

The Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS) - Help Shape Transportation in Ontario

Brampton, ON (May 9, 2023) - This spring, the Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS) resumed data collection activities. As one of the largest household travel surveys in North America, findings from the TTS help the Province of Ontario, transit agencies and municipalities understand the transportation needs of residents from the Greater Golden Horseshoe and surrounding areas.

To date, more than 100,000 surveys have been collected during the first phase of the TTS that began in September 2022. In efforts to reach a total of 170,000 completed surveys by June 2023, the participation of residents in the Greater Golden Horseshoe and surrounding areas is more crucial than ever. Starting in the second week of April 2023 and running until June 2023, randomly selected households will be contacted to take part in the spring round of data collection.

Preliminary results from the TTS data have provided invaluable insights for transportation planning, such as the number of residents across the Greater Golden Horseshoe area (GGHA) that continue to work from home following the pandemic restrictions.

According to the latest TTS data from the fall 2022, 17% of residents across the Greater Golden Horseshoe area (GGHA) work exclusively from home. This represents almost a fifty percent decrease from Census 2021 data, where 32% of residents across the GGHA worked from home. While work from home has reduced drastically since the time the 2021 Census was conducted, it is still more than double the amount reported in the 2016 Census and 2016 TTS when only 7% of GGHA residents were working from home.

In addition to important information such as the prevalence of working from home, the TTS collects information about the types of trips made by each person in the household to provide a snapshot of where, how, and why trips occurred. This allows transportation planners to assess the level of transportation demand at the regional as well as municipal level.

It is important to hear from residents across all areas being surveyed, whether residents made trips on that given day or not. Information collected by the TTS will help improve local transportation and help answer key questions such as how to reduce gridlock on our roads, and how to plan future infrastructure needs that can accommodate all modes of transportation.

While the survey is voluntary, success of the TTS data collection efforts is ultimately dependent on the participation of the residents in these regions to provide responses that reflect the transportation needs specific to each area. If you or a member of your household receives the invitation to participate, you have an opportunity to make sure your region is represented in the TTS and help transportation planners make informed decisions based on your travel patterns, and the patterns of those in your community. The survey responses will remain anonymous.

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