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News release: May 27, 2022

Region of Peel sets fees to help sustain electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Brampton, ON. (May 27, 2022) – Beginning September 6, 2022, user fees will be implemented across Regionally owned and operated electric vehicle charging stations in order to sustain the electric vehicle program, ensure equitable service for all users, and support the transition to a zero emissions vehicle future in Peel.

Each year, the electric vehicle charging stations cost an estimated $43,000 to operate. In addition, the Region has and continues to experience the challenge of drivers remaining plugged-in for extended durations after their battery has fully charged.

Implementing a user fee will help recover a portion of the annual operating costs. It will also enable the Region to serve more electric vehicles with existing infrastructure ensuring drivers move their vehicles after their battery is sufficiently charged.

These fees are aligned with Peel Region's average residential electricity rates to promote continued electric vehicle uptake and charging station use.

The fees are as follows:

Description of Service/Activity for which the Fee or Charge is being imposed Service Unit Fee HST + of n/a) Fee inclusive of applicable taxes
Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Use Per Hour Plugged-In (prorated) $0.885 ($0.0145/minute) + $1.00 ($0.0167/minute)
Level 3 (50 kW DCFC) Electric Vehicle Charging Station Use Per Hour Plugged-In (prorated) $6.91 ($0.115/minute) + $7.80 ($0.130/minute)

The Region of Peel currently owns and operates 16 electric vehicle charging stations at 7120 Hurontario Street and 10 Peel Centre Drive that are open for public use, including two Level 3 DC Fast Chargers.

Media contact

Genevieve Ricciardella
Communications Specialist
Region of Peel

About Peel's transition

The Ontario government announced the dissolution of Peel Region and the establishment of a Transition Board (TB) as part of Bill 112. The Transition Board was appointed to provide recommendations to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on a range of restructuring matters related to the dissolution of Peel Region to make Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon independent municipalities by January 1, 2025.

To learn about the Transition Board, how it will make these recommendations, and to provide feedback to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, visit Ontario's Peel Region Transition Board website.

During our transition, Peel remains committed to providing services to residents and businesses. For information about our transition, visit Peel's transition website.

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