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News Release: May 9, 2018

A New Pedestrian Crossover Comes to Caledon

CALEDON, ON. (May 9, 2018) - The Region of Peel has opened a new pedestrian crossover in Palgrave, located at the Caledon Trailway and Brawton Drive to facilitate crossing of Regional Road 50.
This new type of crossover has been approved for use in Ontario to help improve pedestrian safety and is now appearing across Peel.

Pedestrian crossovers are often located in the middle of a block or at intersections without traffic lights. They are identified with signs on both sides of the road saying "Stop for Pedestrians", and may include flashing lights and an overhead sign.

By law, drivers and cyclists are required to stop at the white triangles before the crossover and wait for pedestrians to cross the entire roadway. Failure to follow this law can result in three demerit points and a fine of $150 to $500.

"Traditional crossings, like traffic lights, are primarily implemented where there is a higher volume of pedestrians crossing", said Joe Avsec, Traffic Engineering Manager at the Region of Peel. "The new crossovers provide municipalities with another legally enforceable crossing to improve pedestrian safety in areas where traditional crossing devices may not be warranted."

A similar crossover has been implemented in Caledon East, where Marilyn Street meets Old Church Road. Crossovers are also being added at right-turn channels where pedestrians cross to an island before pushing the pedestrian push button.

The Palgrave crossover is part of a larger project in the core area of Palgrave along Regional Road 50. This project aims to enhance conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, and reinforce lower vehicle speeds. New sidewalks have been installed on Regional Road 50 to improve connectivity to community destinations including the Palgrave Forest and Palgrave Public School. Later this year, curb extensions will be constructed at various locations along the road for the purpose of calming traffic, providing additional buffer space for pedestrians, and more clearly delineating on-street parking spaces.

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