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Chair Iannicca's statement in response to the province's announcement.

Services to residents and businesses will continue as normal. 


Keep wait list information updated

If you’re on the wait list for a housing subsidy, you need to let us know if there are changes to your information.

Once we have accepted your application for housing subsidy, you are put on the wait list. You will receive a confirmation letter in the mail that has a reference number on it. Keep this letter as a reference.

Your wait can be several years long as there are many residents on the list. We will contact you when there is a housing subsidy available.

You're required to contact us if your information or situation changes. Changes to your information can affect your wait time for housing subsidy.

Contact us if there are changes to:

Contact Housing Services to update your information at or call 905-453-1300 Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Other information

There will be changes to the centralized wait list rules for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) housing subsidy under the Housing Services Act, 2011.

As of January 1, 2021, all applicants on the centralized wait list for RGI housing subsidy will receive only 1 offer of housing. If you do not accept this offer, you’ll be removed from the centralized wait list and your application will be cancelled.

The new rule applies to all applicants on the centralized wait list, including victims of family violence, or human trafficking, and over housed households.

The rule applies even if a household has already received an offer of housing before January 1, 2021.

Keep your application up-to-date. This includes your phone number, address, email address.

The following table shows estimates of wait times based on the size of unit required and location (municipality). Your wait time could be shorter or longer depending on the factors outlined on this page.

(2 or more household members)


(1 household member only)


(All household members age 65+,
or spouses where 1 spouse is 65+)

1-2 bedrooms
5½-7 years

3-5 bedrooms
10-12 years

5-8 years 5-6 years

1-2 bedrooms
5½-7 years

3-5 bedrooms
6-7 years

5-6 years 5½-7 years

1-2 bedrooms
5-7 years

3-5 bedrooms
6-10½ years

1½-5½ years 3-4 years

The time ranges shown in the table are estimated by measuring the wait times for most of the applicants in each municipality and housing type.

It's not possible to tell you where you are on the wait list. Since the size of the list changes often.

If you're already waiting and it seems like a long time has passed, do not re-apply for housing subsidy. Re-applying can create delays in your application and may make your wait time longer.

You can help us reduce your wait time by doing the following:

  • Contact us right away if you move or if there are changes to your situation.
  • Be willing to move anywhere in Peel once we contact you.
  • Don't refuse housing subsidy when it is offered to you.

You can also reduce your wait time by changing your city preference for housing. Different areas have different wait times. To change your city preference. Contact Housing Services to update your information at or call 905-453-1300 Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Your wait time can depend on:

  • When a subsidy becomes available.
  • Housing availability.
  • The city you have selected.
  • How many bedrooms you are eligible for.
  • If you need a wheelchair accessible unit.

While you're waiting for housing subsidy, you may search for other living arrangements on your own, and apply for housing subsidy in other municipalities (towns, cities, or Regions) outside of Peel.

Low-rent housing

You can look for a lower-cost market rental unit (which isn't subsidized) on your own. You can check market listings for available apartments for rent.

To find the phone number for a particular market rental unit, you can check our list of Social housing providers in Peel - market units.

Housing subsidies in other municipalities

You can apply for housing subsidy in other municipalities outside of Peel, even if you're already on the wait list in Peel. You can move into housing in the municipality that contacts you first when a subsidy is available.

To apply for housing subsidy in other municipalities, you'll need to visit their websites and follow their instructions to apply. Every municipality has its own application process. To find a list of municipalities offering social housing programs, visit Ontario's list of Service Managers and their service areas.

Other financial support

We also offer several support options that you can apply for, which may help you during your wait:

If you are not currently on the centralized wait list, please do not send in these forms before completing our online screening request for housing help.

If you are currently on our centralized wait list and have a change in your circumstances, please call us at 905-453-1300 (Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to discuss your change. We'll advise you if one of the forms below needs to be completed and sent to us.