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Needs-based portable subsidies

A new initiative that will help more peel residents get and keep affordable housing

Peel Region recently launched its needs-based approach to portable subsidy administration. This is a key action in how we’re transforming housing support to help more residents get and keep housing while improving the overall experience for residents, staff and housing providers.

Portable subsidies

The subsidy paid by Peel Region to low-income households to assist with housing costs. The subsidy is tied to the household, not the unit and can be used to pay rent anywhere in Peel.

How it works

Portable subsidies offer clients rental assistance by reducing the market rent costs. Peel Region pays the portable subsidy amount directly to the landlord. If the portable subsidy doesn’t cover the full rent, clients must pay the remainder of the rental costs to the landlord.

Clients’ role

Eligible clients who receive a portable subsidy will be given an approval letter from the Region. With that letter, clients can then conduct their own housing search and reach out to landlords who have vacant units and are willing to participate in the needs-based portable subsidy initiative.

Landlords’ role

When a client with a portable subsidy approaches a landlord, the landlord should review their tenancy application as they would any other applicant. Should a landlord be interested in participating in the portable subsidy initiative, they would then complete the Portable Subsidy Landlord Contact Form provided by the client.

Once the tenant application is approved, the client can then move into the unit. Peel Region will pay the portable subsidy amount directly to the landlord and the client will pay the remainder of the rent.

Please note: Portable subsidies are limited and not every prospective tenant would qualify.

More information

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 905-791-7800