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Facts on housing and homelessness

It’s our goal to make affordable housing available to all residents and to prevent homelessness.

Our work in affordable housing

Together with Peel Housing Corporation and 51 other housing providers, we provide emergency, subsidized and affordable housing options and supports to residents who are homeless, unstably housed, and unable to afford housing within the private market.

Our role as Service Manager for housing:

In 2022:

View our interactive map of affordable and social housing sites in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga, organized by Ward.

Information for Housing Providers, Developers, Community Partners

Other information

Several factors point to a growing need for affordable, emergency, and transitional housing:

  • Our population continues to grow rapidly and is aging.
  • The cost of rental housing and home ownership continues to rise.
  • Low rental vacancy rates are keeping rental rates high.
  • Land values in Peel are driving up the cost of housing development.
  • We have aging social housing infrastructure: Region of Peel, Peel Housing Corporation and other housing providers must keep properties in state of good repair to sustain affordable housing supply into the future.
  • The number of homeless residents and tenants in the affordable housing system that require physical and mental health supports to maintain stable housing is growing

Peel, like all major urban centres across Canada and around the world, faces a significant and growing need for more affordable housing.

Ongoing and increased funding from the provincial and federal governments is the only way we can serve the growing demand. Continued support from local municipalities, the private and non-profit sectors, agencies and the community is also necessary.

Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan

Together with the community, we’ve developed the Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan  to help residents get and keep housing and prevent homelessness in Peel.

Learn more about our Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan.

We help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless through emergency and transitional shelters, street outreach, eviction prevention funding, case management and help to find permanent housing.

Get more information about homeless support.

Operating investment

Net Operating Budget for 2023: $257.1 million, used for:

  • Maintaining 2022 service levels.
  • Increased demand for homelessness support.
  • Service volume increases for emergency shelters and overflow hotel facility management.
  • Peel’s Affordable Rental Incentive Program.
  • Staffing resources for Peel Housing Corporation.

Capital Budget: $169.1 million, used for:

  • State of good repair for Region's affordable housing and emergency shelters to ensure stock is sustainable into the future.
  • State of good repair for Peel Housing Corporation community housing sites.
  • New development as part of the Housing Master Plan.
  • Redevelopment of the Wilkinson Road Men’s shelter.
  • Loans for state of good repair for community housing provider sites.

10-Year capital plan: $1,524 million.