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Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit

A monthly housing allowance for low-income households to assist with housing costs

Housing benefit currently not accepting referrals

We have not received confirmation of funding for 2024 for the Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit.

The Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB) is a monthly housing allowance for low-income households to help with housing costs. The allowance is calculated based on a formula that includes the household income, the number of people in the house and the local housing market rents in the Region of Peel.

Eligibility is determined by the Ontario Ministry of Finance. All households who receive COHB must complete an Annual Renewal Application each year to ensure the continuation of their benefits.

Unlike other forms of housing benefit, COHB is attached to a person or household and not a specific address or physical housing unit.

To be eligible you must:

The benefit is administered through the needs-based approach. The needs-based approach to delivering housing services involves defining the level of need through a prioritization process. Clients who qualify for subsidies through this approach must actively participate in building their individual case plan.

If you need housing support, but are not sure what options are available, you can either: