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Apply for a rebate on your property taxes

We offer rebates to eligible low-income seniors (65+) or low-income persons with disabilities.

If you're eligible, the rebate would apply to the property taxes for your local municipality, for the Region and for your selected school board.

Each year, the amount of the rebate is set by Council.

Apply before December 31 of the current tax year. You need to re-apply for the rebate every year.

The rebate applies to the current tax year only. You cannot apply for a rebate on last year's taxes.

Step 1: Check Your eligibility

To be eligible, you or your spouse must have owned your home for at least one full year as your primary residence.

You must also meet one of the following conditions:

If you have questions about eligibility, contact your local municipality.

Step 2: Apply online

You can apply by completing an application and returning it to the local municipality in which the property is located.

You can download the application from your local municipality's website, visit one of the following locations or call to request one by mail:

Follow the instructions on the application form.

Once you have completed the form, return it to the local municipality where your property is located.

If you're approved, the rebate will be credited to your tax account by your local municipality property tax department. You do not need to repay the rebate.

You will receive your property tax bill as usual, and the property taxes must be paid in full.

Ontario senior homeowners' property tax grant

You can also apply for help from the Province of Ontario. The province offers grants to help low income seniors with the cost of their property taxes.

For more information, visit the Ontario Ministry of Finance.