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About our long term care accreditation process.

Accreditation is:

Our accreditation means that our services and programs meet the standards of excellence set by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), a non-government organization that helps Canadian health services organizations improve the quality of their services and meet internationally recognized standards.

We’re dedicated to continually improving our centre’s services and programs to earn and keep your trust and confidence.

Peel Long Term Care became accredited after our services and programs were compared against internationally recognized standards of excellence.

This process happened in 2 phases: a Self-assessment Phase, then an on-site survey.


During phase one, the organization seeking accreditation measures its performance against national standards. Interdisciplinary workgroups identify key documents to show evidence of conformance to standards and determine gaps where further work is required.

On-site survey

During phase 2, health experts from CARF use the same national standards to measure the organization. CARF accreditation revolves around a series of surveys organized in a framework called ASPIRE to Excellence.

The name ASPIRE is linked to 6 actions:

CARF’s findings are summarized in a written report that details the organization's strengths and areas for improvement. CARF then lists recommendations to help the organization respond to areas that need improvement while maintaining areas that are strong.