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Health reports

The health status of Peel residents, including social determinants of health and health disparities.

These reports provide information that can be used to understand the health of the community and inform local planning, programs, and service delivery.

Getting to the Heart of Health Equity at Peel: Discovery Phase Findings Report (2023)
The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of focusing on health equity to manage emerging and ongoing health challenges. This report outlines key learnings and areas of focus for Peel Region in embedding health equity into how we work.

The Changing Landscape of Health in Peel (2019)
The state of health of Peel residents, as well as health promoting and risk factors in our community. This data combined with other sources of information will help us to understand local health issues, guide decision-making and action, and inform health public policy.
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Infant Feeding Practices in Peel (2018)
Results of the Peel Infant Feeding Survey. This survey gathers information about infant feeding practices from new Peel mothers.

Leading Causes of Injury (2018)
Leading causes of injury among Peel residents and their associated risk factors.

Mental Health among Children (2018)
The mental health of school-aged children and youth in Peel. In addition, risk and protective factors that may impact their mental health are also described.

Opioid Use and Harms (2017)
Trends in opioid use, opioid-related emergency department visits, hospital admissions, and opioid-related deaths in Peel region.

Oral Health in Peel (2017)
The oral health status of the residents of Peel region, access to oral health care and associated costs of oral health care.
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Youth health and drug use (2017)
Results of the 2013, 2015, 2017 Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey for Peel. There are 4 topic-specific reports:

Alcohol Use, Health Outcomes and Harm (2015)
The health status data related to alcohol consumption patterns and the alcohol-related effects.
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Diabetes Atlas for Peel (2013) – provides a summary of diabetes in Peel.

Health Status of Children in Peel (2013)
Examines the health of children and youth ages 1 to 18 in Peel.
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Burden of Tobacco (2012)
Overview of the use of tobacco, health consequences of cigarette and tobacco in the context of Peel, the tobacco industry, and the tobacco regulatory system.
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Immigrant and Ethnocultural Health (2012)
Explores the relationships between immigrant status, ethnicity, and health.
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Determinants and Disparities (2011)
The health of Peel residents according to demographic, social and economic factors.