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Beaches, pools and other water

We monitor beaches and recreational water facilities to prevent injuries and reduce illness.

Beach water

To help you stay healthy Peel Public Health takes samples to check that the water is safe to use and that there are no hazards that could cause injuries.

Peel Public Health monitors water quality at 4 public beaches to make sure that the water is safe for swimming. Water is tested a minimum of once a week throughout the summer. Signs are posted when the water is unsafe for swimming.

High levels of bacteria in beach water can make you sick with diarrhea, skin rashes, ear pain, cough or congestion, or eye pain. The beach water may have unsafe levels of bacteria due to heavy rainfall, large numbers of water birds, high winds or wave activity, or large numbers of swimmers.

These signs are posted on the beaches:

A blue notice sign at the beach means that the sample result shows the bacterial levels to be within acceptable limits and the beach's status is "Open". Blue signs on the beach also warn swimmers not to swim for two days after a heavy rainfall. Bacteria can increase after heavy rainfalls and be harmful.

A red warning sign at the beach means that levels of bacteria in the water are high enough to pose a risk to your health. This is a warning that swimming in the water may cause illness. The beach's status is "Advisory".

A water quality advisory sign at the beach means that a blue-green algae bloom has been observed in the lake water. Do not drink the lake water, avoid recreational use, do not allow pets in the water. If you come in contact with algae, rinse off with fresh water. Learn about blue-green algae.

More information

Beach Status Last Updated
Professor’s Lake Beach
1660 North Park Drive
Bramalea Road and North Park Drive
Not tested September 1, 2023
Jack Darling Memorial Park
1180 Lakeshore Road West
Lakeshore Road West and Lorne Park Road
Open June 18, 2024
Lakefront Promenade(A.E. Crookes Park)
140 Lakefront Promenade
Lakeshore Road East and Lakefront Promenade
Open June 18, 2024
Richard’s Memorial Park
804 Lakeshore Road West
Lakeshore Road West and Ibar Way
Open June 18, 2024

Injuries and the spread of illness can be a concern when using public pools, spas (hot tubs), splash pads, and wading pools. To help you stay healthy, Peel Public Health monitors these facilities.

Public Health Inspectors take samples to check that the water is safe to use and that there are no hazards that could cause injuries.

Inspection results