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Peel's Economic Pulse 2023

Peel's Economic Pulse is a yearly report. It details how Peel's economy is performing and provides an outlook for future performance.

Peel's Economic Pulse provides an ongoing "pulse" of changes in peel's economy. It also details what that means for Peel's residents, businesses, and community.

In 2023, the expectation for a recession in the second half of the year did not materialize. Economic resilience was observed at all economic levels. In Peel, the broadest measure of economic performance, Gross Domestic Product, increased for the third consecutive year. Consistent with this, changes in broad growth indicators in Peel remained positive. However, the local economy was not immune from the impacts of the higher priced environment, which continued to erode affordability, reduce demand, and lower growth. While challenges persist, Peel's long-term growth prospects remain positive. The 2023 edition of Peel’s economic Pulse summarizes Peel's 2023 economic performance, and short, medium, and long-term outlook.

Download the report: Peel’s Economic Pulse – 2023 Performance and Outlook.