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Managing Peel’s drinking water quality

We’re committed to meeting all regulations and to provide safe, clean drinking water to Peel’s communities.

Whether you live or work in Peel or simply visit, you can be confident that every time you turn on the tap, you are receiving high quality drinking water. The quality of Peel’s water meets all provincial regulations set out in the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002.

We’re committed to:

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Peel has established a Quality Management System in accordance with the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS).

Our Quality Management System ensures that policies and procedures are in place to:

  • Effectively manage our drinking water operations.
  • Continuously test and check our drinking water.
  • Make improvements to all aspects of water treatment and distribution, from source to tap.

Drinking water standards and accreditation

The DWQMS establishes the requirements for a management system that:

  • Ensures municipal residential drinking water systems in Ontario are managed to the highest possible quality.
  • Was developed by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks based on the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Standard and the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.
  • Consists of 21 elements that cover operational, maintenance, and administrative functions of a drinking water system.
  • Focuses on continual improvement.
  • Is in place to reduce any associated hazards in the management and delivery of drinking water.


Peel Region completed all program requirements, receiving full-scope DWQMS accreditation in 2011. The accreditation status must be maintained to operate drinking water systems and our program reaccreditation was granted, through a third-party verification, in April 2021.

Peel is the owner and operating authority of:

  • The South Peel Drinking Water Distribution System
  • The Palgrave-Caledon East Drinking Water System
  • The Caledon Village-Alton Drinking Water System
  • The Inglewood Drinking Water System
  • The Cheltenham Drinking Water System

Peel is the owner of Arthur P. Kennedy and Lorne Park Water Treatment Plants. The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) has been contracted as the Operating Authority for these systems. Find out more information on the OCWAs Management System and Policy.

Water Operational Plan

Peel Region developed and implemented a Water Operational Plan that documents our efforts in:

  • Enhancing policies and procedures to effectively manage Peel’s drinking water operations.
  • Continuously testing and checking Peel’s drinking water.
  • Continually and consistently improving all aspects of water treatment and distribution, from source to tap.

The Water Operational Plan is available in person for viewing at:

Regional headquarters
10 Peel Centre Drive, Brampton

Copper Yard
2 Copper Road, Brampton

Wolfedale Yard
3515 Wolfedale Road, Mississauga

In keeping with the provincial Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, owners of municipal drinking water systems must have a licence to operate.

Licensing ensures a commitment to quality, diligence, and dedication to consumers in providing safe, clean drinking water.

To meet this goal, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) developed the Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program.

Municipal Drinking Water Licence components

A Municipal Drinking Water Licence is an approval to operate a municipal drinking water system.

Peel Region has met all the requirements of the Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program. Our drinking water systems hold drinking water works permits and licenses and the operating authorities have been accredited.

The License has 5 components:

  1. Drinking Water Works Permit: a permit to set up or change a drinking water system.
  2. Permit to Take Water: a permit to take 50,000 L or more of source water per day.
  3. Operational Plan: a plan prepared in line with the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS) developed by the MECP.
  4. Accredited Operating Authority: a thorough audit and occasional review of the Operational Plan by an independent certified accreditation organization appointed by the province.
  5. Financial Plan: a long-term strategic plan developed to ensure that the drinking water system can be sustained financially over time.

Ontario’s Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program requires drinking water system owners to prepare a Financial Plan.

Ontario Regulation 453/07 requires municipal government to develop a long-term strategy to promote financial sustainability of drinking water systems.

The Financial Plan details the system’s projected financial positions, statement of operations, and state of cash flow. The Financial Plan forecasts a period of at least six years. At a minimum it must be updated and approved by Council Resolution every five years, before submitting a municipal drinking water licence renewal application.

Peel Region has shown its commitment to updating and maintaining the Water Division’s Financial Plan. Regional Council approved the first Financial Plan in 2010, under Council Resolution 2010-560. It approved ensuing plans in 2014 (under Council Resolution 2014-357) and most recently in 2019 (under Council Resolution 2019-271).

We submitted the Water Division 2019-2024 Financial Plan, along with a copy of Council Resolution 2019-271, to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, satisfying the requirements under Ontario Regulation 453/07.

View Peel’s Financial Plan (2019-2024) Number 009-301A.