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Drinking water distribution

Peel Region is responsible for moving water from the treatment facility to your home.

Water distribution is done through a series of reservoirs (big holding tanks), underground pipes and pumping stations.

The pumping stations pump the water through the pipes and into your home. Some of these pipes are 8 ft (2.4 m) in diameter, which means you could easily stand inside the pipe!

Peel Region operates and maintains over 4,700 km of watermains, hydrants, mainline valves and water services.

Some of the maintenance activities we perform include:

Other information

The following content provides step-by-step instructions for connecting a property to the Peel Region drinking water system.

Step 1: Email the Peel Region Records Department or call 905-791-7800, extension 7882.

The Records Department will check if a municipal drinking water system already exists near your property that your property can be connected to.

If an existing system is available, the Records Department will give you drawings showing the details, and you can proceed to Step 2.

If an existing water system isn’t available, see if you quality for local improvement. Program Planning will outline the cost and process.

Step 2: Email the Peel Region Servicing Connections Department or call 905-791-7800, extension 7973.

Submit the drawings provided by the Records Department to the Servicing Connections Department for review and approval.

You will be asked to pay a fee when you submit your request.

If your request is approved, you’ll receive a connection receipt and can proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Contact your municipality’s building department

Contact your municipality’s building department to request a private side plumbing permit.

The municipal building department will ask for the connection receipt you received from the Servicing Connections Department.

Step 4: Hire a licensed plumber

Find a licensed plumber to complete the work on your side of the property (private side).

Before completing the work, the plumber will need to see your private side plumbing permit. The work must be completed as per the Ontario building code standards and the Region of Peel Public Works meter standard drawings.

Step 5: Schedule a private side inspection

Contact your local municipality to schedule a private side inspection.

If you were using a private well for your water, you will need to give written confirmation that the well has been disconnected.

If you want to keep your private well, your local municipality must confirm that a proper backflow prevention device has been installed.

We will not install a water meter and supply your property with municipal water until we confirm that a backflow prevention device has been installed. This work needs to be completed by a licensed plumber in agreement with CSA standards and approved by your local municipality.

Refer to our Backflow Prevention Bylaw or contact your local municipality for more information about backflow prevention devices.

Step 6: Get a water meter installed

Email the Metering Department or call 905-791-7800 extension 3226 to have a water meter installed. A water meter ensures you are being billed properly for water.

The installation will take place only if you have passed the private side inspection.

Step 7: Have your private well decommissioned for free

If your private well has been disconnected, we recommend you also have the well decommissioned.