Peel Region

Health System Integration Committee Membership terms of reference

Terms of reference


The Health System Integration Committee shall be referred to herein as "the Committee"


The purpose of the Committee will be to advise and provide direction on issues related to Peel's health system in order to advance integration of Regional programs. The priorities of the Committee will be developed through policy discussions about the role that Regional programs play in relation to the province and the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), and how the integration of those services that fall outside of the LHIN's framework (e.g. Paramedic Services and Public Health), can be improved to better serve the health requirements of Peel residents across their lifespan.


The Committee will be comprised of at least seven members of Regional Council and not more than 6 external stakeholders in an advisory capacity as outlined:

  1. Chief Executive Officer, Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network
  2. Chief Executive Officer, Central West Local Health Integration Network
  3. Chief Executive Officer, Mississauga Halton Community Care Access Centre
  4. Chief Executive Officer, Central West Community Care Access Centre
  5. President and Chief Executive Officer, Trillium Health Partners; and
  6. President and Chief Executive Officer, William Osler Health Centre

The external stakeholders listed above are appointed in an advisory capacity and therefore would hold no voting rights and would not count towards quorum. These stakeholders may send a designate if they are unable to attend a meeting.

Term of appointment

Members of the Committee shall be appointed for a term ending upon the dissolution of the Committee or at the end of the term of Council, whichever comes first.

Chair and Vice-Chair

Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee will be elected at the first meeting of the Committee.


Quorum will consist of the majority of the total number of Council members of the Committee.

Reporting function

The Committee will report to Regional Council. The minutes of each Committee meeting will be placed on the next available Council Agenda for approval.

Meeting frequency

The meeting frequency for the Committee will be determined by the Committee at the first meeting.

Meeting structure

The Committee meeting structure will follow the same rules as laid out in the Region of Peel's current Procedure by-law.

In camera

The Committee reserves the right to go In Camera for matters that meet the requirements of an in camera discussion.

Staff resources

The Committee will be supported by staff from the Office of the Regional Clerk and the Health Services department.