Peel Region

Emergency Management Program Committee terms of reference

Terms of reference


The mandate of this Committee is to advise Regional Council on the development and implementation of the Regional Emergency Management Program.


The objective of this Committee is to:



The election of the Chair and Vice-Chair will be held at the first meeting of the Emergency Management Program Committee.


Meetings shall be held at the discretion of the members of the Committee. The Committee is required to meet at a minimum once a year. Meetings will commonly be held immediately following EPSC meetings.


The majority of the membership shall constitute quorum. The Chair shall be counted in determining quorum.

Reporting Functions

EMPC will report to Regional Council as required on matters regarding the Regional Emergency Management Program.

Membership update: October 20, 2020

By-law 78-2015 states that the Regional Policy Group will fulfill the role of the Regional Control Group. The Regional Policy Group is comprised of senior Region of Peel staff. Therefore, only Councillors will be appointed to the EMPC.