Peel Region

Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism Committee terms of reference

Terms of reference

Committee name

The Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism Committee shall be referred to herein as the "Committee."


The purpose of the Committee is to advise Regional Council about systemic barriers and diversity issues in the community, external and internal, that may impact Regional policies, programs and services. Areas of focus will be:


The Committee will be comprised of:

  1. Elected Members
    The Regional Chair (ex-officio) and six additional Regional Councillors (three from Mississauga, two from Brampton and one from Caledon).
  2. Non-Elected Members
    Three members of the community, preferably one from each local municipality.

Non-elected member selection

The non-elected member selection process shall be completed in accordance with Corporate Policy G20-14 Community Member Appointments to Committees and Boards.

All appointed members to the Committee must be willing to sign and adhere to the Peel Regional Council Code of Conduct.

The term of membership for new members appointed through this process will coincide with the term of Regional Council.

Eligibility requirements

Preferred qualifications include:

Applicants from the community cannot be:

Non-elected member remuneration and expenses

Non-elected members of the Committee will serve without remuneration. Non-elected members shall be eligible for reimbursement of expenses incurred which are deemed necessary for full participation in the Committee.

Term of Appointment

Members of the Committee shall be appointed for a term ending upon the dissolution of the Committee or at the end of the term of Council, whichever comes first, or until their successors are appointed.

Election of the Chair and Vice-Chair

The Committee will elect from among its members a chair and Vice-Chair, and this election shall be held at the first meeting of the Committee. The Vice-Chair may act in the capacity of Chair and exercise all the rights, powers and authorities of the Chair when the Chair is absent through illness or otherwise, or is absent from the office in the course of his or her duties, or on vacation or on an approved leave.


Quorum will consist of the majority of the total number of members of the Committee.

Reporting function

The Committee will report to the Regional Council. The minutes of each Committee meeting will be placed on the next appropriate Council Agenda for approval.

Meeting frequency

The meeting frequency for the Committee will be a minimum of three meetings per year.

Meeting structure

The Committee meeting structure will follow the same rules as laid out in the Region of Peel Procedure By-law.

In camera

The Committee reserves the right to go In Camera for matters that meet the requirements of an in camera discussion as outlined in Section 5.10 of the Regionals Procedure By-law.

Staff resources

The Office of Culture and Inclusion will support the Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism Committee.

The Committee will be supported by the Regional Clerk, pursuant to the Procedure By-law.