Stay-at-home order for Ontario

Only go out for essential purposes. Find out how the emergency order affects residents, businesses, and public spaces. Get details

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COVID-19 vaccine

Together with the health system and our community partners, we’re preparing for a mass roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine. Find out about our plan for mass community vaccination, and details about the approved vaccines.

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Stay-at-home order for Ontario

The Ontario government has declared its second state of emergency, including a stay-at-home order that requires everyone to stay at home except for essential purposes.

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Other programs and sevices

Protecting yourself and others

How to stay safe when you're with others or out in the community.

Have symptoms or been exposed

What to do if you have symptoms, tested positive or are a close contact of someone with COVID-19.


How to properly self-isolate, what you’ll need and when to come out of self-isolation.

Getting tested for COVID-19

How to know if you should get tested and find testing locations.

Your test results and next steps

How to get your test results and what to do if you test positive, negative, or indeterminate.


Helping businesses and workplaces operate.

Child care

We’re working with providers to deliver safe child care services and online EarlyON programs.


How to stay safe and what to do if there’s a case in the school.

Long term care and retirement homes

Working to ensure government requirements are implemented consistently.

Social support

Mental wellbeing, access to food, support for seniors and other services for vulnerable residents.

Financial support

Help for people, businesses and community organizations.

Community Response Table

Supporting community agencies to respond to the needs of Peel's most vulnerable residents.

COVID-19 in Peel

Our dashboard provides data on cases, outbreaks, vaccine status, as well as other maps and reports.

COVID-19 data in Peel