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Licensing and public health requirements

Details about starting a licensed child care program and reporting to public health.

Starting a licensed child care program

If you care for more than 5 children who are 13 years or younger who have different parents, you must be licensed as a child care provider under the Child Care and Early Years Act. This applies to both centre and home based child care providers.

Learn how to get a child care license in Ontario, including how to apply, information on fees and required approvals. Start a licensed child care program.

Get more information about child care programs in Ontario.

Public health requirements for child care providers

If you’re opening a new business in Peel Region, the Health Protection and Promotion Act requires you to notify Peel Public Health at least 14 days before opening.

Before you start any construction or renovations to your existing business, you’ll need to request a construction or renovation floor plan review.