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Celebrating Peel Region's employee award recipients

140 employees received awards in celebration and recognition of their outstanding contributions.

Peel Celebrates is Peel Region's annual employee awards program. It recognizes our employees' outstanding contributions and how the work they've accomplished has positively impacted our organization or Peel's communities.

On June 8, our award recipients’ contributions were recognized at a breakfast reception and at Regional Council. View photographs of the event.

2023 award recipients

CAO Award for Excellence:

Mass Vaccination Program (MVP) Team

The MVP team:

Climate Action Innovation Award:

Hitesh Topiwala
Hitesh championed and implemented affordable housing retrofits to achieve corporate climate targets. The goal of this plan is to reduce more than 50% of emissions by 2030 and contribute to net zero emissions by 2050.

Climate Action Innovation Award:

Samantha Paquette
Samantha advocated and instigated natural solutions to manage increased stormwater runoff on regional roads.

Urban heat islands are areas where cities are hotter than the countryside due to human-made structures and activities.

Thanks to Samantha's efforts:

Public Works Commissioner's Values in Action Award:

Zack Reed
Zach saved a stranger's life by performing emergency CPR during his shift.

Corporate Services Commissioner's Values in Action Award:

Samantha Ali and Soo-Jin Kim
Samantha and Soo-Jin developed the first Psychological Health and Safety measurement system for a municipal government. This system helped to advance psychological health and safety goals in our workplace.

Health Services Commissioner's Values in Action Award:

Vaccine Management Team

The Vaccine Management Team:

Human Services Commissioner's Values in Action Award:

Child Care Subsidy Unit in Early Years and Child Care Services Team

This team was awarded for:

Community for Life Award:

Black, African, Caribbean Communities Core Team

This team took action to support Black, African, and Caribbean (BAC) communities by:

Innovate Award:

Robotic Process Automation/Intelligent Automation Team

This team adopted a brand-new 'Robotic Process Automation' platform (UiPath) at Peel Region for business process pilots.

These pilots resulted in:

Inspire Award:

Mary Andani

Mary truly cares about everyone’s well-being and success and brings fun to the workplace. She is a coach and mentor who always:

Spotlight People Leader Award:

Ann-Marie Case-Volkert


We All Belong Award:

Women in IT @ Peel Team

This team spoke up for:

Wellness Award:

Suicide Prevention and Awareness Team

This team:

Wellness Award:

Waste Management Health and Safety Team

This team created a physically, psychologically, and socially safe workplace for their colleagues by: