Chair Iannicca's statement in response to the province's announcement.

Services to residents and businesses will continue as normal. 

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Working at Peel

We offer employee benefits and opportunities that are desired in the workplace.

We are an equal opportunity employer and follow the Ontario Human Rights Code in our employment practices. Our supervisors are committed to hiring the best person for the job, based on qualifications, skills, and experience.

We make an effort to develop a balanced workforce reflecting the diversity of Peel's community.

Other information

Our Regional vision, goal, and values

Our vision is ‘Community for Life.’

Our goal is to create a place where everyone enjoys a sense of belonging and has access to the services and opportunities needed to thrive in each stage of their lives.

Our Regional Values define how we work together and drive our daily interactions and decisions:

  • We are empowered to make a difference.
  • We are all leaders in the work we do.
  • We pursue and embrace purposeful change.
  • We are genuine and transparent.
  • We care about and support everyone's well-being and success.
  • We find and implement solutions together.
  • We provide excellent customer service every time.

Working with us

When you work at Peel Region, you:

  • Are a leader in what you do.
  • Will do work that matters to your colleagues and our community and organizational culture.
  • Care about everyone’s well-being and success and improving the lives of people within our community.
  • Live, thrive, and lead to create a Community for Life.

Code of Conduct and Respectful Workplace Program

We prioritize the health and well-being of every employee.
We’re committed to:

  • Creating and maintaining an inclusive culture that’s respectful of diversity and where every employee experiences a sense of belonging.
  • Developing and maintaining a respectful, safe, and supportive workplace that’s free from workplace harassment and discrimination.

Our formal standard code of behaviour ensures that all employees understand the values, ethics, and legal obligations the Region abides by.

Our Respectful Workplace Program ensures that we strive to provide a work environment where all employees thrive, feel respected, and can perform at their best.

For more information refer to our anti-racism and systemic discrimination statement.

A healthy workplace

We’ve built a healthy workplace program that is based on the model developed by the National Quality Institute (NQI) and Health Canada.

Education and development

We offer programs and courses in leadership development, employee development, occupational health & safety, and wellness. We also offer in-class computer and online training.

Career planning

Management and Human Resources staff work with employees to develop career paths and the necessary education and training plans.

Performance Management Program

Our Performance Management Program focusses on open discussion and feedback, goal-setting, professional development and career management for non-bargaining employees.

Leadership Development Program

Supervisory and management level employees attend an in depth Leadership Development Program. Similar courses are available to people wishing to enter supervisory positions at the Region of Peel.

Tuition assistance

Employees can apply for reimbursement of tuition or registration fees for job-related courses leading to a degree, diploma, certificate, or professional designation, up to a maximum of $1,500 per calendar year.

Staff development days

Regional departments hold regular staff development days focussing on a topic or theme that offers team learning and enrichment opportunities.

Advancement opportunities

We post job opportunities on a weekly basis. Employees are given a chance to apply for any position which they feel qualified. We are committed to giving our employees full consideration before recruiting from outside of our organization.

Pay for performance

Employees in non-bargaining positions receive annual performance appraisals and are eligible for increases based on the level of their performance the previous year.

Competitive compensation

We offer an attractive, competitive and comparable compensation program.

Exceptional benefits

We offer life insurance, dental and extended health benefits. Non-bargaining employees also receive a Health Spending Account, of up to $750 per year to offset approved medical and dental expenses not covered by our plan.

Paid holidays

In addition to the Statutory Holidays and the Civic Holiday, the Region of Peel provides three additional days off with pay which generally allow us to close some of our offices for the three business days before New Years day.

Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS)

Regional employees are enrolled in the OMERS pension contribution plan that matches payroll deduction contributions.

Early retiree benefits

Eligible employees who take early retirement are offered a range of benefits which can continue after they retire until they reach the age of sixty-five.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Employees at the Region of Peel have access to a voluntary and confidential professional counseling service to help deal with personal concerns.

We know work and life balance are important.

As we transition out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to provide an inclusive, vibrant organizational culture and flexible ways of working that support health and well-being.

Through our Flexible Workplace Practices we have defined 'how' employees work, including the application of policies, procedures and best practices.

Depending on the position, we offer flexible hours and 3 different modes of work: remote work, hybrid work, and onsite work. Each work mode depends on the role and its operational requirements.

These work modes let you manage and combine personal and professional responsibilities while meeting operational requirements and customer service expectations.

Remote work

Remote Work is work that can take place at a remote worksite, on a full-time basis, with only occasional visits to a Regional or community-based worksite for activities or operational requirements (or both).

Hybrid work

Hybrid Work is work that can take place at both a Regional worksite and at a remote worksite. Sometimes work is required at a Regional worksite and sometimes at a remote worksite.

The number of days team members attend a Regional or community-based worksite may vary from week-to-week based on activities or operational requirements (or both).

Onsite work

Onsite work is work that can take place only at a Regional or community-based worksite with limited-to-no ability to work remotely.

We strive to develop a workplace that:

  • Values and respects diversity.
  • Practices inclusion.
  • Recognizes the unique contributions and abilities of all people.
  • Facilitates innovative thinking to ensure programs and services address the diverse needs of Peel’s community and workforce.

Our employee surveys, organizational events, and learning and development opportunities are just some of the ways we’re working to become a more diverse, equitable, accessible, and inclusive workplace.