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Stewardship and land acquisition projects

Acquiring and supervising land through bequests, easements, donations, or purchase protects Peel's key natural heritage features.

Stewardship projects

Lease project

Management agreements

Land acquisition projects

Easement or donation

Private dedication

Restrictive covenant

Conservation easement

Testamentary (will)




Option to purchase

The landowner agrees to sell the property in the future to a conservation agency or organization in consideration of a payment in the present. This secures the buyer's ability to buy at a future date for a price to be determined at that future date.

Life estate

Land trading

Lands that no longer fulfill current objectives and priorities are traded or exchanged for more desirable lands.

Split receipting

The property is sold to a conservation agency or organization at a reduced price. The remainder of fair market value of the property results in a charitable gift to the conservation agency or organization.

Purchase/sale back

Fee–simple estate

The outright purchase of a property and transfer of legal title to a conservation agency or organization.