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Peel 2051 Official Plan Review

Peel Region Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Review.

Bill 23/185 Implications on the Region of Peel Official Plan

As per Ontario Bill 23 (More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022) and Bill 185 (Cutting Red Tape to Build More Homes Act, 2024), the Region of Peel Official Plan (RPOP), as of July 1, 2024, will be deemed to constitute an official plan of Peel’s lower-tier municipalities of Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga. For more information on the status of the RPOP, refer to Download the Official Plan.

What is the Regional Official Plan Review?

The most recent Region of Peel Official Plan (RPOP) Review was referred to as Peel 2051. It started on May 23, 2013, with a public meeting. The Regional Official Plan Review process:

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing approved the new RPOP, with modifications, on November 4, 2022. The approved RPOP, as modified, and more information on its current status can be found on the Download the Peel Regional Official Plan page.

What is the Municipal Comprehensive Review?

A Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) is a process required to ensure that official plans conform with provincial plans and policies. An MCR results in a new official plan or official plan amendment which is submitted to the Province for approval.

Focus areas and supporting studies

As part of the Peel 2051 Regional Official Plan Review, policy changes in specific focus areas were explored. Read more about focus areas and supporting studies for each focus area.

Council reports

For support materials and additional information on the Peel 2051 work plan, studies, and technical reports, visit the Reading Room.