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Celebrate Drinking Water Week

Drinking Water Week is May 5 to 11. It recognizes the critical role of clean drinking water in our daily lives.

Drinking Water Week is being celebrated from May 5 to 11. This time allows us to recognize and reflect on the vital role water plays in our lives and appreciate the water and wastewater services we use every day.

In Peel, you can be sure that your tap water is clean and surpasses industry standards each time you turn it on.

Peel’s complex water and wastewater system is managed by a network of stakeholders. These stakeholders work together to maintain an efficient, dependable, and safe water system.

Peel water treatment facilities

Peel Region owns and operates 2 major water treatment facilities: Arthur P. Kennedy and Lorne Park.

Drawing water from Lake Ontario, these facilities process over 1.6 billion litres of water every day. The treated water is then distributed through pipes to homes and businesses in Peel and undergoes rigorous monitoring along the way.

Discover more about Peel’s drinking water management system.

Take a tour

The Arthur P. Kennedy water treatment facility is one of the largest water treatment facilities in the world. Take the water treatment virtual tour to explore how water is treated and delivered to your home.

During Drinking Water Week, we also acknowledge the vital role of our water resource recovery facilities in treating millions of litres of used water to protect public health and safeguard our environment.

Take the wastewater virtual tour of our G.E. Booth wastewater treatment facility to discover how wastewater is treated when you flush the toilet, turn on the shower, or wash your dishes.