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Site outage will be offline on Friday, April 10 from 12 a.m. to approximately 5 a.m. EST. Access to some services will be affected.

COVID-19 in Peel

Some Regional services and facilities are affected or closed until further noticed. Check full listing. Stay up-to-date on COVID-19 in Peel.


Donating items for reuse

Clothing donation sheds temporarily closed

Most charities have suspended the collection of donated clothing and other textiles from community drop-off sheds. This includes the Diabetes Canada sheds at 10 Peel Centre Drive and 7120 Hurontario Street. Do not donate items at this time.

The Region's reuse drop-off areas accept items in good working condition that can be reused.

Diabetes Canada textile sheds

Drop reusable items in good condition in a Diabetes Canada textile shed.

Textile sheds are located just outside 10 Peel Centre Drive and 7120 Hurontario Street. Check the acceptable items you can drop in the shed.

10 Peel Centre Drive

7120 Hurontario Street

Only certain items are acceptable for reuse. Check How to Sort Your Waste to find out if your item is acceptable for donation.

Donation drop-off areas

Donation drop–off areas are designated areas where residents can drop off items in good condition that can be reused.

We've partnered with The Salvation Army Thrift Store, Caledon Community Services Evolve Lifestyle store and Diabetes Canada to provide reuse services for the residents of Peel.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store and Donor Welcome Centres

The Salvation Army Thrift Store accepts and sells gently-used, reusable items in good condition.

The store is located at the Brampton Community Recycling Centre at 395 Chrysler Drive. You can drop off your gently-used items for donation, as well as browse and buy reusable items that others have donated.

Donations are accepted at Donor Welcome Centres at four Peel Community Recycling Centres (CRCs).

Watch this video to learn how your donation of gently used items is making a positive difference:

Learn more about The Salvation Army Thrift Store

Evolve Lifestyle store at Bolton CRC

Caledon Community Services operates an Evolve Lifestyle store at the Bolton Community Recycling Centre. The Evolve Lifestyle store accepts and sells reusable items in good condition.

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