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Imagine a Day Without Water

Consider how safe, clean water impacts your life every day

On October 20, we recognize international Imagine A Day Without Water. It’s a day that raises awareness about the value of water – our most essential resource.

Investing in water availability for all

The World Health Organization and United Nations define water as a fundamental human right which must be available, affordable, accessible and of quality.

This year’s Imagine a Day Without Water campaign focuses on standing with people without access to drinking water by investing in water availability for all.

On this year’s Imagine a Day Without water, we invite you to:

1) Consider what life would be like without clean, safe water.

Take time to think about why water shouldn’t be taken for granted and how it impacts your life each day. Imagine what your day would be like if you were without water.

2) Learn how clean drinking water reaches your home.

Peel Region treats and distributes 570 million L of safe, clean drinking water to Peel homes, schools, and workplaces each day.

Take a virtual tour of our Arthur P. Kennedy Water Treatment Plant to discover how Peel’s water travels from Lake Ontario to your tap.

3) Learn where your water goes after showering, flushing your toilet, or doing laundry.

Our Wastewater treatment process cleans wastewater collected from our communities before it’s sent back to Lake Ontario.

Peel’s wastewater collection system has over 3,400 km of pipes and treats 630 million L of wastewater. Discover how we clean wastewater at one of our wastewater treatment plants.

To learn more, visit Imagine a Day Without Water.