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Peel's wastewater by-law

The Region of Peel's Sewer Use By-law is now called the Wastewater By-law (53-2010).

Peel's Wastewater By-law (53-2010)

Industry requirements and responsibilities

Under Peel's Wastewater By-Law, industrial and commercial companies that discharge wastewater must complete and submit Waste Survey Reports. Those that currently have Sanitary Sewer Charge Appeals must also reapply.

Companies and industries with a history of spills or violations must also create a Pollution Plan.

Waste Survey Reports, Applications for Sanitary Sewer Charge Appeals and Pollution Plan documents are available from the Region's Environmental Control Inspectors or by calling 905-791-7800 ext. 3101.

The Compliance Program Progress Report must be submitted within 14 days after scheduled completion of each activity listed in the Compliance Program.

By-law enforcement

The Wastewater By-law is enforced by the Environmental Control department.

All industrial facilities within Peel are vigorously examined by inspectors. Approximately 6,000 inspections are completed each year.

Industrial facilities must indicate the locations where their sewer discharges. This allows Regional staff to monitor these locations. Inspectors also investigate sewer discharge complaints from industrial facilities and households.