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Snelgrove Elevated Tank Decommissioning Update

Project 21-1951.

This notice is to provide you with an update on the construction work taking place on the Snelgrove Elevated Water Tank located just south of Mayfield Road off Cresthaven Road.


The Elevated Tank was expected to be taken out of service prior to 2020 once the Victoria Reservoir and feedermain were constructed. However, when the reservoir work was deferred, the tank decommissioning was also deferred, and over time the Snelgrove Elevated Tank appearance worsened.

The Region started looking into alternative options for the future of the elevated tank and it was determined that the tank can be removed if a few watermain upgrades are completed within the area. Based on these findings, the Region intends to complete the upgrades as quickly as possible so that the tank can be removed. Currently we have the following timelines for the work.

Tank Decommissioning Timeline

Action Date
Telecommunications infrastructure removed from tank Summer 2022
Upgrades within existing watermain system Fall 2022
Engage an engineering consulting firm Winter 2023
Engage a contractor Fall 2023
Removal of Elevated Tank Fall 2024

Should you have any questions about the project, please contact:

Priya Persaud
Project Manager
905-791-7800 ext. 8689