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Work zone safety

Play your part in protecting work crews

Work zones can be difficult to move through, so it’s important that all road users are informed, cautious and alert when traveling through a work zone. A work zone is an area on, under or adjacent to a road where construction or maintenance is happening. Work zones can also take place within boulevards, on medians and cross driveways and paths and may require shut down of a travelling lane.

For all road users, work zones can affect:

The following tips can help keep everyone safe in work zones:

Work zone safety is a shared responsibility. Peel, its contractors and all road users (drivers, pedestrians, cyclists) can work together to help protect vulnerable workers.

Driving through work zones

When driving through work zones, slow down and pay attention to all signage and instructions about how to move safely through the area.

If there’s a lane gap, move over. Look for a safe gap between vehicles in an open lane, turn on your signal and merge smoothly.

Lane closures and reduced speeds are common in work zones. Always slow down and keep your distance. If there is no speed limit posted in a work zone, follow the regular posted speed limit on the roadway but drive with caution.

Construction zones in Peel

Construction projects are expected on Peel roads in numerous areas in 2021. This construction will support important services such as water, wastewater and transportation.

The work we do today to maintain and develop new infrastructure will help us adjust to future growth and continue to build our Community for Life.

We want everyone to stay safe while we move towards meeting these goals.

Closures and delays

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