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Images from Peel Region Public Works on Twitter
Watersmart Peel Home

Fusion Landscaping® Sharing Your Garden


This homeowner created a new front yard garden with colourful perennials and natural mulch. This adds a focal point to their home’s entrance.

This homeowner added a long perimeter garden to their backyard. The garden adds texture and interest and softens the hard edges of the fence.

With just the addition of mulch, this garden feels new. The mulch also helps the soil from drying out during the summer.

A new perennial garden now embraces the walkway from the driveway to the front door, giving this home some beautiful curb appeal.

By adding perennials and shrubs with height, this home now has an attractive view from both the street and indoors.

The addition of these curved gardens and trees enhance this yard and make it feel more intimate.

This long but narrow yard had only the back wall to look upon until the homeowner incorporated a new garden bed. The taller perennials used at the back help conceal the plain wall.


Revised: Tuesday July 21 2020

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